When comparing New Zealand to other places in the world it is a very safe and friendly place to travel however there are things you need to know. Lock your vehicle at all times, crime is minor however it pays to be vigilant. Do not leave expensive items like laptops or mobile devices out in the open. Our climate is also very mild however if walking or hiking please remember to take the appropriate clothing and essential items. The weather can change quickly, and it can at times become surprisingly cold. Be prepared always.

Local Information

All our towns and city’s have an information centre i-Site where you will be able to source local information on things to do and places to visit. Usually you will be able to secure local maps and brochures on all things to do for free. They are normally located very central so are easy to find.

Book Accommodation in Advance

New Zealand has fast become the place to visit especially during the summer months. Because of this we recommend that you plan you trip well in advance and get your accommodation booked so you do not miss out. During the shoulder months of May/June and Late October to early December securing accommodation last minute isn’t as troublesome however we still strongly suggest that you do this in advance.

Budget Wisely

With the tourist boom throughout New Zealand some companies have opted to charge a little more and make well on a good economy. We suggest you shop around a little as there are plenty of New Zealand businesses that believe in charging fairly. Look around at your options and compare products and activities with others to ensure what you are paying for will deliver. Cheapest is not always the best option but it certainly does help the dollar go a little further.

Additional Driving Tips

New Zealand has some spectacular roads and at times these can be very narrow and windy. Always take caution when diverting of any main road, keep left at all times and always obey the speed limits set for that area, they are set for a reason. Roundabouts, one lane bridges, railway crossings and gravel roads are all a very familiar site throughout the country, please proceed with caution at all times. If venturing through icy or snowy conditions, ensure you have the vehicle in 4wd and if necessary or instructed to fit chains to the vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with a low ratio drive this must only be used off road.

Stay Longer

We recommend you stay as long as possible, our country is small but there are many many things to see and do which take time. Generally, 10 days in both islands are enought to wiz around the country and get most sites in however if you can get an addition 5 days in each island you wont regret it one bit. We hope you enjoy your time here in New Zealand and we look forward to supplying you with a NZ 4WD Hire vehicle. All the best

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