Thanks NZ4WD Hire, we had a great experience and loved that we could take the vehcile one way to the south island. We will definately be back! Dan


We were picked up from the airport and taken to our car, very simple and hassle free car rental experience. Highly recommended. 5 stars :) Shannon

The website experience was good, their rates are very good compared to other companies and we received excellent service. We had a great time. Thanks Jacqui

Wet or snow covered roads will freeze over creating ice at low or near freezing point, commonly known as 'black ice'.
This is not easy to see and you need to be well aware of the hazard Ice or Black Ice can cause.
Detecting Black Ice is not easy, but certain circumstances can indicate Black Ice maybe present.
This will be in gullies, on shaded roads and around corners. The sun may turn the ice to water during the day but as soon as the sun disappears and the temperature drops - ice will form. Be aware that ice is more likely to be found near water ways rivers creeks and lake areas and on smooth surfaces. Course tar sealing may change to smooth tar seal with little warning. Many country bridges are blanked with timber which wears smooth – these to are likely spots for ice to form as are concrete road ways.
Often smaller stone chip is sprinkled on the road to help break up ice. Remember - Ice is worse than wet roads - so be warned.
  •     Drive your 4WD rental car with a light foot with no sudden changes in accelerating or braking.
  •     If you feel the 4 wheel drive vehicle sliding ease back off the accelerator pedal and maintain steering.
  •     No sudden jerking on brakes or steering.
  •     Braking should always be gentle and light.
  •     Steer into the slide to maintain best control of your 4x4 hire car and keep larger distances between you and any other vehicle.
  •     Slow down well before corners.
  •     Travel during the warmer part of the day and if you need to travel at night then be                prepared for ice

Safe driving

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